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EPA Delays With Self-Audit Oversight Prompt Push To Boost States' Role

Some industry attorneys are calling for EPA to allow states to take a leading role in reviewing facilities' self-reported violations of environmental laws rather than employing the agency's own self-audit policy, saying the federal program is outdated and has limited resources that have led to delays responding to submissions.

Environmentalists Sue EPA Over Monitoring Mandates In CWA Bacteria Plans

Environmentalists are suing EPA over its approval of Washington, D.C.'s Clean Water Act (CWA) cleanup plans for E. coli in the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, urging a federal district court to scrap the plan's monitoring mandates for being too weak to detect bacteria levels -- despite precedent on courts deferring to EPA on such mandates.

9th Circuit Weighs Agencies' Policies On CWA Wetlands 'Adjacency' Test

A federal appeals court is set to weigh how broadly the Clean Water Act (CWA) applies to wetlands that are “adjacent” to protected waters, in a case that could set a precedent on how much power the law gives EPA and other agencies over marginal wetlands -- the latest dispute over the CWA's scope to face a legal challenge.

State, Tribes Seek Full 9th Circuit Review Of Landmark CERCLA Air Ruling

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California Flame Retardants Rule Could Be Early Test Of TSCA Preemption

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NACWA Asks Presidential Candidates To Highlight Water Policy Priorities

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