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EPA Defers Specifics On Biomass Carbon Neutrality In Final Climate ESPS

EPA is deferring specific decisions on what types of biomass are carbon neutral and can be used as a compliance mechanism under its newly finalized greenhouse gas (GHG) rule for existing power plants, punting a tricky issue until after its Science Advisory Board (SAB) has completed a review of the agency's methods for estimating emissions.

Supreme Court Rulings May Boost 'Deference' Challenges In EPA Rule Suits

EPA is already facing litigation invoking recent Supreme Court decisions that denied judicial deference to the administration's positions on power plant air emissions standards and on health care to bolster claims that lower courts should not defer to the agency's other rules, beginning with its Clean Water Act (CWA) policy on water transfers.

EPA Uses Uniform Standards To Preserve Overall Stringency In Final ESPS

The Obama administration is unveiling final greenhouse gas (GHG) standards for the existing power fleet Aug. 3 that are expected to cut emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, a steeper decline than the 30 percent cut envisioned by the proposed version, due largely to a larger decline in coal use and greater use of renewables.
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In Novel Suit, Advocates Cite ESA Harms From Conductivity To Modify Mines

House GOP's Release Of Critical CWA Memos Might Boost Suits Over Rule

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