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Officials Downplay Fears Of GHG Rule Suits Undermining UN Climate Plan

White House and other administration officials are downplaying concerns that pending lawsuits challenging EPA's greenhouse gas (GHG) rules for power plants will succeed and undercut U.S. plans, just submitted to the United Nations, to cut emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, which rely heavily on the agency's regulations.

Ethanol Proponents Claim EPA Air Model Overestimates Fuel's Emissions

Ethanol producers and supportive states are pursuing a data quality challenge claiming EPA's latest mobile source emissions model vastly overstates the ozone-forming emissions associated with the fuel, saying the agency's approach could discourage use of the fuel and ignores its ability to lead to lower air pollution levels than gasoline.

Utility MACT Ruling Could Presage Attempt To Block EPA's GHG Rules

If the Supreme Court decides to overturn EPA's air toxics rule for power plants, the court's conservative wing would likely write a broad opinion seeking to rein in the agency's clean air programs, including its upcoming greenhouse gas (GHG) rules for power plants, a former top Obama administration official says, although it is still far from clear which way the court will rule.

Iowa Utility Moves Ahead With Suit Challenging Agricultural Discharges

Shipping Industry Crafting Strategy To Unify EPA, Coast Guard Standards

EPA Says CWA Permit Vetoes Fail To Prove Federal 'Blending' Policy Shift

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