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District Court Halts EPA CWA Rule, Highlighting Fight Over Lawsuit Venue

A federal district court has granted a request from 13 states to immediately block EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers from implementing their Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule on its planned effective date of Aug. 28, highlighting a fight over whether federal district courts or appellate courts should hear suits over the rule.

EPA Fights Request To Rehear Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Ruling

EPA is fighting environmentalists' bid for a federal appeals court to rehear its recent unpublished ruling that upheld the agency’s non-hazardous secondary materials (NHSM) waste definition rule, arguing that advocates failed to prove that the court's decision was at odds with prior legal precedent and that the court should reject the request.

ECOS Eyes Next Steps For Oil & Gas Emissions Cuts After EPA Proposals

Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) members will use their upcoming fall meeting to debate options for furthering cutting oil and gas sector emissions beyond the reductions expected from EPA's recently proposed air and climate rules for the industry, as well as debating a host of other controversial policies at the event.

Industry Urges EPA To Consider International Reviews In Dioxane Analysis

EPA Study Of Colorado Mine Spill Includes Call For New Cleanup Guidance

EPA Declares Several Ozone 'Nonattainment' Areas Achieving Air Standard

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