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Judges Question Industry Push To Overturn Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan

Federal judges appeared skeptical of industry's claims at recent oral arguments over the legality of EPA's landmark multi-state cleanup plan for the Chesapeake Bay, closely questioning the challengers' attorney over the basis of statements that the agency overstepped its Clean Water Act (CWA) authority when it crafted the plan.

EPA Sends Long-Awaited Shale Gas Wastewater Policy For OMB Review

EPA has sent its long-awaited proposed Clean Water Act (CWA) pretreatment standards for wastewater generated from shale oil and gas extraction for White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) pre-publication review, aiming to address concerns that municipal plants are struggling to adequately treat the wastewater.

EPA Climate Resilience Pilot Struggles To Sign Up Small Water Utilities

An EPA pilot program aimed at helping water utilities plan for extreme weather events by providing access to current climate change model projections and data is struggling to sign up small water systems due in part to political perceptions of climate change, agency officials say, suggesting the need to find less controversial terms to explain how utilities could benefit from the program.
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