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From Climate Extra

The Supreme Court is restricting EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases from existing power plants, the second-largest sector of emissions in the country, finding under the “major questions” doctrine that the Obama EPA’s standards that relied on generation shifting were unlawful under the Clean Air Act.

Environmentalists’ new petition asking EPA to force Texas air regulators to conduct formal reviews of environmental justice (EJ) issues in air permitting builds pressure on the agency to make good on its promises to improve enforcement of Civil Rights Act protections, presaging a potential fight between the Lone Star State and EPA.

From Climate Extra

An EPA public hearing on California’s request for preemption waivers for heavy truck rules limiting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and imposing sales requirements for zero-emission models is sparking a clash between industry and environmentalists over whether Clean Air Act lead time requirements bar the state from enforcing its programs.

California air board officials are downplaying the significance of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions in their newly adopted haze state implementation plan (SIP) to be submitted to EPA, despite National Park Service (NPS) recommendations to bolster the plan’s attention to SO2 and consider rules to lower such emissions from industrial sources.

A federal district court in Missouri is slated to hear arguments July 1 in the Justice Department’s (DOJ) novel effort to get a judge to order power generator Ameren to find new mitigation options to offset excess pollution from a coal plant slated for closure after an appellate court scrapped an earlier order that would have required emissions cuts at a different plant.