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Numerous industry sectors are fighting a proposal by California air board officials to expand by more than 700 a list of substances for which companies must quantify or report air toxics emissions, charging that many chemicals pose no health threats and dozens of others are already subject to EPA reporting requirements.

A majority decision by the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) of 12 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to ask EPA to force air emissions cuts on Pennsylvania, one of its own members, creates a split among OTC states over the best approach for reducing interstate air pollution that is hindering their ability to attain federal ozone standards.

A federal court in California has agreed with environmentalists that EPA has a nondiscretionary duty under the Clean Water Act (CWA) to update its rules governing oil spills in order to better regulate dispersants, relying in part on a landmark appellate decision that found EPA had unduly delayed updating its lead paint dust hazard standards.

House Democrats have unveiled a transportation funding bill that includes several initiatives to drive greenhouse gas emissions cuts, including new responsibilities for EPA, providing another sign of more ambitious efforts that could come into play in the next Congress if lawmakers are unable to agree this year on the measure.