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There's a whole new dynamic brewing, with the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda set to run into a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.  Follow every move with Inside EPA.

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Over industry's strong objections, EPA's final hazardous waste pharmaceutical rule retains a proposed Obama-era definition that prescription pharmaceuticals sent from healthcare facilities to reverse distributors are regulated as solid waste, but the rule now excludes non-prescription medication sent to reverse logistics centers from the definition.

Members of EPA's overhauled Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), dozens of former panelists, clean air advocates and even some major industry groups are warning that CASAC lacks the capacity to properly review the agency's federal particulate matter (PM) standards, hindering EPA's plan to finish the review by 2020.

A federal district court judge has upheld Washington state's denial of a Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 water quality certification for the expansion of a coal export terminal, a case that Republican senators have cited to justify their efforts to limit states' ability to use the authority to block such projects.

Canadian mining company Teck Cominico Metals is signaling that it plans to petition the Supreme Court to review an appellate ruling requiring it pay cleanup response costs to Native American tribes in Washington state, marking the second time the company will ask the high court to weigh whether the Superfund law applies to trans-boundary releases.