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There's a whole new dynamic brewing, as the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda runs into a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats.  Follow every move with Inside EPA.

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Top EPA and California officials are engaged in an aggressive war of words over who is responsible for the breakdown of talks over vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas rules and the Trump administration’s plan to sharply roll them back, a dispute that one Democratic lawmaker says is doing little to restart the talks.

The retail industry is urging EPA to withdraw its plan to codify a policy exclusion for liquid waste from the definition of “ignitable” hazardous waste, calling the proposal “unlawfully ambiguous” and saying that parts of it would effectively repeal or are inconsistent with existing agency waste regulations.

EPA’s just-issued Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, which seeks to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), adopts a risky legal interpretation arguing that the agency is prohibited from issuing the types of broad greenhouse gas standards that were included in the CPP in a bid to block a future administration from re-imposing similarly expansive requirements.

Even as they face a veto threat from the White House, House Democratic leaders have teed up debate on EPA’s fiscal year 2020 spending bill, allowing for floor consideration of amendments that would block several Trump EPA priorities, including measures that roll back climate rules for new power plants and attack the basis for mercury limits.