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Judge Backs CWA Liability For Coal Ash Leaks But Rejects Strict Penalties

A federal district judge has found Dominion Virginia Power liable under the Clean Water Act (CWA) for allowing contaminants to leak from its coal ash impoundments at a Chesapeake, VA, utility into groundwater that then flowed to protected surface waters, backing environmentalists' novel claims on liability but denying their calls for strict penalties.

10 States Urge Pruitt To Keep California Vehicle GHG Waiver, Federal Rules

Environment secretaries from 10 states that have adopted all or part of California's vehicle greenhouse gas program are urging EPA to preserve the Golden State's special authority to adopt its own vehicle standards, and to retain federal vehicle GHG limits for model years 2022-2025 that are equivalent to those Golden State regulators are slated to endorse March 24.

Court's Air Rule Deadlines Add To Growing EPA Budget, Staffing Problem

A federal district court has issued an order setting a near three-year deadline for EPA to issue 13 overdue air toxics rules days after the same court imposed a similar mandate for issuing 20 other delayed air toxics rules, creating a growing problem for the agency to meet the legal deadlines at a time of massive proposed budget and staffing cuts.

5th Circuit Grants EPA Request To Remand Contested Texas Haze Air Plan

States, Industry Split On DOJ Bid To Stay Supreme Court CWA Rule Case

House Democrats Warn Budget Cuts Will Hinder GOP NAAQS Reform Push

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