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Months after dropping a policy requiring state reviews of drinking water systems’ cyber-preparedness, EPA is warning systems that they could face enforcement action if they fail to address such vulnerabilities, saying it will “increase” inspections for the sector in response to rising threats and many systems’ failure to take even “basic” security steps.

Biofuels groups are urging the Supreme Court to review a regional court’s ruling that scrapped EPA’s denial of renewable fuel standard (RFS) refinery waivers, joining the broader debate over the venue for litigation challenging “national” rules that is already before the justices in the context of litigation over EPA’s denial of states’ Good Neighbor ozone plans.

EPA has sent its final guidance on Clean Water Act (CWA) permits for discharges from a point source through groundwater to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review, setting its release likely within the period in which a hostile Congress could attempt to rescind it.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan is urging Congress to fulfill the Biden administration’s request for $300 million in Superfund cleanup funds in fiscal year 2025, warning that the shortfall in chemical and other tax revenue will lead to a slowdown in cleanups should lawmakers not provide the additional funds.

EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) is advancing a series of recommendations aimed at bolstering the agency’s long-running efforts to assess and address “cumulative impacts,” including calling for a broader definition of the term and developing and implementing “principles” to guide such assessments.