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The Trump administration is promising major changes at EPA and across the whole spectrum of environmental regulation.

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EPA Urges Judges To Defer To Agency Expertise On CWA Jurisdiction Rule

EPA is defending its Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule as a reasonable application of the notoriously vague water law, invoking court precedent that mandates deference to agencies' statutory interpretations and technical expertise -- posing a test not just of the rule's merits but of deference principles that conservatives have sought to overturn.
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Diverse Groups Defend EPA On Crucial Aspects Of Multi-Year RFS Rule

A diverse range of oil, ethanol and other fuel groups are defending various aspects of EPA's 2014-2016 renewable fuel standard (RFS) program in litigation against the rule, including an oil sector defense of EPA's basis to exercise its authority to waive statutory blending targets and biofuel groups' defense of the agency's method of projecting levels of cellulosic ethanol production.

EPA Downplays ESPS Stringency As Trump Prepares To Target Regulation

Citing updated internal and third-party analysis, EPA is substantially downplaying the stringency of its landmark power plant greenhouse gas rule, arguing ongoing power sector trends will make compliance easier and cheaper than anticipated, just as the Trump administration is poised to take office and target the rule.

EPA Denies Massive Expansion Of Ozone Transport Commission Region

Lawmakers Criticize EPA's Denial Of Tort Claims Over Gold King Mine Spill

EPA Opts To Retain Vehicle GHG Rules In Waning Days Of Obama's Term

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