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EPA has denied industry’s longstanding effort to “delist” over 1,000 stationary combustion turbines at 300 facilities from Clean Air Act air toxics regulations, a widely anticipated move that prepares way for a broad new strategy that will address air toxics, ozone and greenhouse gases from the source category, the agency says.

From Inside PFAS

As EPA prepares to issue its imminent final rule expected to designate the two-most studied PFAS as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, attorneys are warning the agency could broadly apply the measure to a broader suite of unlisted chemicals if officials use a new test method covering 40 of the chemicals and seek follow-up actions.

EPA is urging the Supreme Court to reject the City and County of San Francisco’s bid to review a split appellate ruling finding that the agency has authority to set general narrative prohibitions on violating applicable water quality standards (WQS), charging that the prohibitions at issue adequately define petitioner’s obligations and are not vague.

From Inside TSCA

EPA has preliminarily determined that many activities that disturb legacy asbestos -- such as demolition of older buildings that were constructed with the material -- pose “unreasonable risk” to human health, the legal threshold for new TSCA rules, according to the agency’s just-released draft of its long-awaited “part 2” evaluation of the mineral.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and a pair of landowners have signed a proposed consent decree resolving alleged Clean Water Act (CWA) violations at their Nebraska property, after the pair last year successfully sued EPA to drop an administrative proceeding over the same allegations by charging that such actions are unconstitutional and require a jury trial.