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The California air board is advancing a plan to meet a federal ozone standard by 2037 that features innovative new rules on a variety of pollution sources, including a ban on the sale of new gas-fired space and water heaters beginning in 2030, and several first-time rules targeting federally regulated mobile sources such as locomotives, ships and aircraft.

EPA and its Office of Inspector General (OIG) have reached agreements addressing unresolved OIG recommendations pertaining to brownfields grants and facility inspections under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) after the agency agreed to set deadlines for planned corrective actions.

A pair of environmental groups is touting a new report that it says shows that EPA’s proposed risk management program (RMP) rule would not have prevented several recent, high-profile incidents, renewing their push for the agency to tighten key provisions just days before a series of public hearings on the rulemaking.

From Climate Extra

AUSTIN, TX -- Ali Zaidi, the White House domestic climate advisor, is highlighting EPA’s forthcoming supplemental proposed oil and gas methane rule and proposed permit streamlining legislation for electric transmission lines as two key options for meeting the administration’s GHG goals after enactment of major climate legislation.

Biofuels advocates are asking EPA to prioritize approval of pending applications for credit under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for cellulosic ethanol production methods ahead of credit for electricity generated from biomass, as the agency crafts its rule to “set” biofuel blending volumes for the years 2023 and beyond.