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There's a whole new dynamic brewing, with the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda set to run into a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.  Follow every move with Inside EPA.

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EPA's plan to develop new rules to limit nitrogen oxide (NOx) from heavy-duty trucks could provide the sector leverage to negotiate flexibilities with California, which is planning its own rules, but the plan is also prompting cautious praise from environmentalists and others who suggest the effort may avoid the kind of clash occurring in the light-duty sector.

The head of a federal health agency that earlier this year recommended stricter risk levels for perfluorinated chemicals than EPA's told a Senate hearing that regulators face significant scientific uncertainty assessing the substances' risks, and raised doubts about whether federal agencies will be able to reach agreement on the risks.

The coal ash reuse sector is pressing EPA to extend its regulatory deadlines for ash impoundments to shut down as it revises the 2015 Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) rule governing the waste, arguing that a longer timeframe will broaden their window to “harvest” previously disposed ash to reuse in products such as wallboard.

EPA and New Mexico have released a draft white paper aimed at facilitating the use of produced water from oil and gas drilling in the state by identifying regulatory or policy gaps, but the state's ability to make any changes outlined in the paper could be limited by EPA's pending decision on how to manage wastewater from onshore oil and gas extraction.