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EPA Administrator Michael Regan has formally notified agency staff about the need to plan for a shutdown of government operations within days, though officials announced late Sept. 28 that the agency has enough funds to keep operating through Oct. 7 -- several days past the start of fiscal year 2024.

From Inside TSCA

EPA has finalized its TSCA rule requiring industry to report on many uses of PFAS in the United States since 2011, an undertaking mandated by Congress and seen as a key element of EPA’s PFAS strategy, with a slate of limited changes intended to balance stakeholders’ concerns with the draft rule EPA proposed in 2021.

EPA is expanding its stay of the Good Neighbor Plan (GNP) rule to six more states where courts have effectively stayed the rule’s application, and is suggesting it will provide more time for states and industry to implement the rule’s interstate ozone control mandates should judicial stays be lifted -- a blow to environmentalists seeking swift compliance.

From Climate Extra

EPA’s enforcement chief is directing officials to prioritize including climate mitigation and adaptation elements throughout the agency’s enforcement actions, arguing this would take important steps to reduce greenhouse gases that cause climate change and boost resilience to climate-linked disasters.

Industry groups are protesting EPA’s proposed tougher air toxics rules for copper smelters, claiming they breach agency policy on cost-effectiveness, with substantial costs and no “meaningful” health benefit, while environmentalists are pressing the agency to instead tighten the plan further to reduce “glaring environmental injustices.”