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The resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt raises new questions about the direction of environmental policy under President Trump. There's never been a more important time to read Inside EPA.

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EPA's recent court losses in cases undoing implementation delays for two major Obama-era rules create additional legal complications for acting agency chief Andrew Wheeler's agenda, as he faces new pressures to implement regulations that were previously on hold unless the agency can find a rationale to further delay them.

EPA's proposal to strengthen its 2001 lead paint dust hazard standards is spurring conflicting reactions, with healthy housing groups, environmentalists and some states urging the agency to significantly tighten its standards for protective measures in some locations, though home builders say more data is necessary to ensure the proposal is viable.

EPA has dropped an early plan to consider risks of asbestos exposures to firefighters and other first responders due to its policy of excluding legacy uses from consideration for possible regulation under the revised toxics law, a move that is drawing protest from a group representing the workers and highlights the controversy around the policy decision.

Several experts say the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) -- or some other interagency process -- should be responsible for any new policies to establish greater “consistency” in cost benefit analysis, rather than an effort focused solely on EPA practices as the agency floated in a preliminary rulemaking.