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EPA and biofuels-sector groups are fighting a Montana refiner’s bid to stay its renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance obligations pending resolution of its challenge to EPA’s denial of RFS hardship waivers, as refiners seek to expand the precedent set by a regional appeals court that earlier granted such a stay, threatening EPA’s waiver policy.

Environmentalists who are pressing EPA to toughen its incinerator air rules are raising concerns over the agency’s model used to calculate their emissions as well as the agency’s ongoing peer review, saying the model does not adequately address the units’ pollution and the peer review is not fully transparent as it does not allow for stakeholder input.

State drinking water regulators are urging EPA to continue allowing states to use their own criteria to identify “disadvantaged communities” (DACs) that are eligible for funds from the drinking water state revolving fund (DWSRF), saying that although several use some EPA-crafted tests, the subject is too state-specific for a nationwide approach to succeed.

From Climate Extra

EPA is facing competing input on how it should structure key grant programs intended to address climate change and environmental justice (EJ) under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), with industry and labor pressing to ensure fossil fuels have a role, environmentalists opposing that approach and states urging officials to weigh the law’s impacts in context with their other responsibilities and EPA’s focus on civil rights.

Citing EPA’s recent disapproval of a California air quality plan on equity grounds, the city of Denver and allied groups are pressing EPA to require environmental justice (EJ) and civil rights analysis in all Colorado air plans, expanding calls for such requirements as the agency drafts guidance to states on how to factor such issues into their plans.