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EPA intends to update its 2012 recommended recreational water quality criteria (RWQC) to address viruses in addition to its current focus on bacteria and to include use of certain “new methods” for identifying fecal matter contamination.

President Joe Biden, environmentalists and others are pledging to work with federal agencies and states to toughen water quality rules after the Supreme Court significantly narrowed the scope of Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction, though such efforts face significant uncertainty in part because more than two dozen states are barred from adopting standards stricter than federal limits.

As the White House and House Republican leaders move closer to reaching a deal on raising the debt ceiling, environmental justice (EJ) advocates are urging President Joe Biden not to includes provisions from House Republicans’ permit streamlining plan, warning that they will undermine administration efforts to add EJ considerations to permitting.

A group of 84 lawmakers -- 82 Republicans, two Democrats -- is urging EPA to drop its plans to require tougher air emissions controls on small bulk gasoline distributors ahead of the agency’s June 1 deadline to finalize the rule, arguing that the high costs of compliance would be infeasible, threatening fuel supplies to some users.

From Climate Extra

Even as EPA is touting Louisiana’s environmental justice (EJ) provisions in the state’s proposed permitting program for carbon storage sites -- calling the approach a “model” for other states to follow -- EJ advocates are slamming the process-based requirements for not requiring officials to take concrete action in response to concerns.