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The Trump administration has launched a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Environmental Protection Agency. There's never been a more important time to read Inside EPA.

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EPA's decision to reconsider portions of its greenhouse gas rule for heavy-duty vehicles that apply to trailers and “glider kits” is drawing concern from truck and engine manufacturers who fear the move could undermine the compromises the Obama administration struck that won widespread industry buy-in, as well as national uniformity ensured by California's agreement to follow the rule.

A panel convened to inform a future EPA rule for reducing reporting for certain chemicals' uses is split on whether to eliminate long-standing exemptions for certain uses, with industry calling the move contrary to the group's charge and environmentalists saying the exemptions lack scientific basis, though EPA is seeking compromise to continue the talks.

A federal court has blocked approval of a coal mine expansion after finding that Interior Department officials failed to adequately consider the greenhouse gas effects of the coal's transport and use in an environmental review of the project, underscoring that agencies likely will have to address fossil projects' climate effects despite the Trump administration's opposition to quantifying such measures.

Appellate judges say a suit they are overseeing centering on a decades-old EPA and Army Corps of Engineers rule excluding some wetlands from the Clean Water Act (CWA) could, if ultimately appealed to the Supreme Court, be a vehicle for the justices to try limiting courts' deference to regulators' interpretations of the wetlands rule.