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EPA’s drinking water advisors are wrestling with potential recommendations for new microbial disinfection byproducts (M/DBP) rules, as advisers, utility officials and environmentalists used the first session of a three-day meeting to raise concerns over the burdens several proposed reforms could place on water systems and the agency itself.

From Climate Extra

EPA appears poised to release its long-awaited final oil and gas methane standards within the next several days, as countries gather starting this week for the annual United Nations climate talks in Dubai, and with the United States scheduled to co-host a methane “summit” this weekend at that conference.

The railroad industry is seeking a speedy summary judgment ruling from a federal court to overturn California’s rule requiring railways to reduce emissions from existing locomotives based on the preemption provisions of several federal laws, while rebutting the state’s recent motion to dismiss.

States including California and New York, and an alliance of environmental groups, are urging EPA to finalize the toughest possible version of its proposal to revise federal air policy on reclassification of “major” air toxics sources to “area source” status, including a ban on lifting tough controls on the most harmful hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

A regional appeals court’s decision scrapping EPA’s denial of waivers for six Gulf Coast oil refineries from renewable fuel standard (RFS) biofuel blending mandates contradicts Biden administration policy that has seen the agency reject all recent waiver requests, and raises questions about additional waiver denials being litigated elsewhere.