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Observers are closely watching how EPA will navigate the legal questions surrounding greenhouse gas “endangerment” in its forthcoming proposal to upend Obama-era oil and gas methane rules, including whether and to what degree it embraces industry claims that the rules omitted a required sector- or pollutant-specific risk review.

A recent conference seeking to develop a research strategy on per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFAS), the broad class of chemicals drawing increasing public attention, sparked debate over a plan from Michael Dourson, a one-time Trump nominee to lead EPA’s toxics office, who renewed his push for a novel method for assessing the risks of PFOA, the most-studied of the chemicals.

Key House Democrats are raising concerns about EPA’s draft plan to limit the role of the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) in permit reviews as a way to speed permitting, demanding information on the issue, including whether EAB’s work reviewing enforcement matters will continue despite the planned policy changes.

Federal judges, in a split decision on an EPA policy memo, are outlining competing tests for how to assess whether an agency deregulatory guidance is a “final action” subject to judicial review, with the majority acknowledging that the decision is likely to spark a debate in this “somewhat gnarled field of jurisprudence.”