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Republican state attorneys general (AG) are warning EPA that its proposed rule toughening effluent limitation guidelines (ELGs) for coal-fired power plants misreads the Clean Water Act (CWA), citing the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Sackett v. EPA that narrowed the law’s reach.

From Inside PFAS Policy

Top Defense Department (DOD) environmental officials are signaling the military is preparing for meeting stricter PFAS cleanup levels under EPA’s upcoming drinking water standards, eyeing the possibility of conducting interim removal actions in some cases in anticipation of the new levels as it assesses over 700 installations for potential PFAS contamination.

A metal finishing industry group is eyeing a lawsuit to challenge the California air board’s adoption last month of rules to phase out uses of hexavalent chromium (chrome-6) at metal-plating operations, potentially raising environmental review or administrative procedure violation claims against the board.

The Supreme Court has declined a request from industry groups and oil-producing states to review a lower court ruling that certain National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) findings are final, judicially reviewable actions, leaving in place a decision that the petitioners charge will open the door to a “flood of challenges at each stage” of the NEPA process.

From Climate Extra

The White House has begun reviewing EPA’s draft proposed rule governing hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) management practices, a policy the agency says will ease compliance with its sharp phasedown of climate-warming HFCs by allowing for the re-use of some products as newly made HFCs are restricted.