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EPA has agreed to requests from state, industry and environmental groups to reconsider the Trump administration’s controversial 2020 revision to its air toxics rule for the miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing (MON) sector, opening the door to strengthening the rule due to the risks posed by the solvent ethylene oxide (EtO).

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) expects that the Defense Department’s (DOD) investigative and cleanup costs for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to “increase significantly,” a finding that could bolster legislation to set cleanup deadlines and authorize $10 billion for the military to tackle the issue.

From Inside TSCA

As the reformed TSCA reaches its fifth anniversary, EPA is touting its new agenda for implementing the chemicals law but stopping short of promising to meet its tight statutory deadlines -- including the looming target for proposing its methylene chloride risk management rule.

EPA advisors are wrestling with how to respond to agency requests for recommendations on drinking water and stormwater management research that consider effects on disadvantaged communities, highlighting challenges to the Biden administration’s push to engrain environmental justice (EJ) considerations in all aspects of agency action.

EPA has agreed to environmentalists’ request to review a precedent-setting Trump-era decision that technology-based effluent limits for radionuclides are not enforceable at a Superfund cleanup, a sign officials are reviewing a broader universe of the prior administration’s actions beyond the rules the Biden administration has listed for review.