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There's a whole new dynamic brewing, as the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda runs into a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats.  Follow every move with Inside EPA.

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EPA has issued long-delayed draft interim guidelines for cleaning up groundwater contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at levels stricter than what the Defense Department (DOD) and the other agencies have sought, though it is not clear whether DOD and the other agencies will comply at levels recommended by EPA.

EPA is expected to take steps to “fix” several problems, including how emissions increases are calculated, in its proposal to ease new source review (NSR) permitting rules for coal plants, a plan originally part of the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule to limit the plants’ greenhouse gases but from which it is now being split.

A new “working paper” co-authored by a former Obama administration climate adviser estimates that the per-ton costs of greenhouse gas cuts under state renewable electricity mandates exceed the social cost of carbon (SCC), a critique that could bolster general pushback against such programs or aid calls for alternatives such as a carbon tax or “clean” energy standards.

Recent congressional amendments to federal emergency response requirements, which aim to provide easier access to chemical spill information for drinking water utilities, could bolster EPA's arguments in rejecting environmentalists' bid to require a Clean Water Act (CWA) spill rule that existing requirements adequately address the issue.