About Climate Extra

January 15, 2021

Climate Extra, a new service from InsideEPA.com, provides sweeping coverage of the climate policy developments across the breadth of the federal government and beyond. Climate Extra is the successor product to InsideEPA/Climate, providing greatly enhanced coverage in recognition of the burgeoning role climate is playing in policy decisions across multiple sectors.

Contact Steve Reilly or call 703-562-8992 to subscribe or to learn more.

This new service offers:

  • Daily News -- Major developments and breaking news, updated throughout the day.
  • Climate Currents -- Quick-read items highlighting developments of interest spanning a wide range of climate-related areas.
  • Newsmaker interviews -- We'll be speaking with current and former federal and state officials, key figures from industry and the environmental community, legislators, academics and more.
  • The Week Ahead -- A Monday morning look at the key climate-related events, decisions, and announcements coming that week.
  • The Weekly Analysis -- A deep dive look at a particular issue or topic prepared by the editors.
  • Climate Extra Weekly -- A newsletter packaging all the latest news in one, ready-to-print PDF.
  • E-mailed news alerts -- A morning e-mail highlighting the latest news and features, to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Contact Steve Reilly or call 703-562-8992 to subscribe now or to learn more about Climate Extra, and to find out about first-year and multi-reader discounts that may be available.