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Environment Next – coming soon for Inside EPA subscribers


The debate has already begun. Questions abound. Answers are few. Some examples:

  • How will the role of EPA, as the agency nears 50 years old, transition from its command-and-control emphasis to the search for alternative pathways, advanced monitoring and analysis, prevention more than mitigation.
  • What lasting impacts will result from the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda and more business-friendly leaning?
  • What new role will states play in any new system? Will they have the capacity – and desire – to take on the broader role that many have suggested?
  • How will federal and state agencies address climate change? Will they have to reorganize to take on the task?
  • What role will new and emerging technologies play in addressing pollution and promoting sustainability?
  • How will market forces and regulatory policy drive cleaner fuel choices?

Through news reports, interviews, guest perspectives and broad-based analysis, supported by a robust e-mail notification platform,’s Environment Next will connect you to the latest action and thinking about environmental policymaking going forward.

The family of products, as they have for nearly 40 years, will continue to bring you the latest news about federal policymaking, with the same combination of exclusivity, timeliness and in-depth reporting that has been its hallmark. It will soon be joined by a sister service, Environment Next, dedicated to bringing the same level of top-quality information to the expanding debate over the future of environmental policymaking.

As a subscriber to, you will have unfettered access to Environment Next, through the main page of and relevant email alerts. We’re a few weeks away from launch and will keep you posted.

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