The major environmental policy issues heading into the 2020 election

Inside EPA's Outlook 2020 is a comprehensive special report on what's ahead for EPA as President Donald Trump and his Democratic rivals prepare for the 2020 election. Even as EPA steps up efforts to roll back individual Obama-era rules before the election, administration officials are crafting a second-term agenda that focuses on broader, wholesale efforts to limit the regulatory reach of future executives. Democrats, meanwhile, stand little chance of enacting broad affirmative legislation before the election, but they are seeking to frame the party’s environmental case and lay a predicate for action should Trump lose his re-election bid. The partisan battle comes as EPA prepares for its 50th anniversary. In addition, California and many other states seeking stricter rules are pushing back on EPA efforts to limit their authority. As in prior years, this report also focuses on the legislation, litigation and rulemaking efforts in the coming year on major air, climate, toxics, water, waste, and other policies.

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State attorneys general (AGs) are among those leading efforts to block the Trump administration’s stepped-up effort to roll back current regulatory requirements and limit the reach of future rules.

Myron Ebell, a leading deregulatory advocate, is watching closely as EPA scrambles to complete key deregulatory actions in the first few months of 2020 in an effort to finalize the rules before mid-May after which they may be vulnerable to repeal efforts under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) should Democrats sweep upcoming elections.