Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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CBD's Suit Marks First Test On Adequacy Of Biomass Plant's GHG Permit

Environmentalists are asking a federal appeals court to reject EPA's greenhouse gas (GHG) permit for a proposed biomass power plant in California, marking the first time that advocates are asking a court to address EPA and industry claims that burning biomass is a GHG control technology because replacement growth absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2).

The Week Ahead

Groups Detail Challenges To Major EPA Rules, Administration Weighs Carbon 'Cost' Case

Industry groups and others are poised this week to detail their legal challenges to a broad range of major EPA energy, toxics and water regulations, including a suit over a waste law waiver for carbon sequestration and a long-running dispute over air toxics standards for boilers. The administration meanwhile is expected to tell a federal district court about the "high-level" policy implications of a recent ruling requiring the use of carbon "cost" values in environmental reviews.

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Obama Administration Touts Climate ESPS In Global Talks On GHG Cuts

The Obama administration is touting EPA's proposed climate existing source performance standards (ESPS) for utilities as part of talks with other countries on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals ahead of international climate negotiations slated for 2015, saying the rule shows the United States' commitment to cutting GHGs.
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Advocates Fear EPA Cleanup Plan Shows 'Backsliding' On Dioxin Standard

Environmentalists fear that EPA's proposed cleanup plan for a Michigan river floodplain shows the agency "backsliding" from its strict 2012 non-cancer risk values for dioxin, saying the site-specific plan floats significantly weaker cleanup standards than the 2012 estimates that industry groups have claimed are flawed and overly stringent.

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Advocates Seek Truck 'Social Cost Of Methane'

The Obama administration should review the methane-specific benefits of curbing greenhouse gases from gas-powered vehicles subject to EPA rules, argues the Environmental Defense Fund.

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FWS Again Hampers EPA Bid To Adopt Novel Fish-Tissue Limit For Selenium

The Interior Department's Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is hampering EPA's latest efforts to adopt novel fish-tissue based measures for setting water quality limits for selenium, a ubiquitous substance associated with releases from mining, power plants and other sources, much as the service did when the agency proposed a similar approach in 2004.
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Advocates Fight 1980 EPA Rule To Expand Scope Of 'Nonattainment' NSR

Environmentalists are using a suit over a waste incinerator Clean Air Act permit as a vehicle for challenging a 1980 EPA rule that they argue unlawfully limits the scope of new source review (NSR) emissions control requirements in areas out of attainment with federal air standards to only those pollutants exceeding EPA's limits.

EPA Weighs Options To Address Concerns Over Bond Limits For WIFIA Pilot

Top EPA officials say they are exploring ways that municipalities seeking to participate in the agency's new water infrastructure loan program may be able to resolve concerns that the program's authorizing law bars participants from using tax-exempt bonds to finance their shares of any project funded by the program, raising borrowing costs.

Groups Raise Competing Criticisms Over EPA's 'Area' Boiler Air Toxics Rule

Chemical Industry Asks Key Court To Reconsider Comparable Fuels Ruling

Industry Calls For New Finance Utilities To Cut Mississippi Basin Nutrients

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Administration To Seek Climate Accord, Not Treaty

The Obama administration is suggesting that it will not pursue a binding international climate treaty at a United Nations conference in Paris next year, and instead will seek an "executive" agreement to compel greenhouse gas . . .

EPA Rejects Criticisms Of Polyurethane Air Toxics Rule

EPA is rejecting concerns from environmentalists and some states that its final national emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for flexible polyurethane foam production is too weak, largely finalizing the rule as proposed and . . .

Court Seeks Motions For GHG Tailoring Rule Suit

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has set a Sept. 30 deadline for parties to submit briefs governing future proceedings in litigation over EPA's tailoring rule that set greenhouse gas . . .

Environmentalists Push For Immediate End To CSAPR Stay

Environmentalists are raising new legal arguments in favor of an appellate court immediately ending its stay barring EPA from reinstating its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), including that the court's prior ruling in August 2012 . . .

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