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EPA $6 Billion WTP Finding May Help States Implement Chesapeake Bay TMDL

EPA's environmental economics center has released its final report on a "willingness-to-pay" (WTP) survey that says residents value improved water quality in the Chesapeake Bay at up to more than $6 billion per year, which regulators hope will boost their implementation of the agency's multi-state nutrient and sediment cleanup plan for the Bay.

Touting GHG Benefits, Top Democrats Eye Path For EPA To Hike RFS Levels

Top House Democrats are detailing several methodological steps the administration could take to increase blend mandates in EPA's imminent multi-year renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes rule, citing the greenhouse gas benefits that such a rule could provide heading into the Paris climate talks.

EPA Urges District Court To Reverse Order Denying Stay Of CWA Rule Suit

EPA is urging a federal district court to reverse its order denying the agency's request to halt litigation over its Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule until an appellate court decides whether it is the correct venue for such suits, warning that having the district court case proceed will create “burdensome, complex, and contentious litigation.”

Missouri Lawmakers Seek To Remove EPA Control Over Radioactive Site

HEI Finds Diesel Studies Useful For Risk Analysis But Uncertainties Linger

Utilities Urge EPA To Ensure FIP Provides Flexibility Equivalent To ESPS

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