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Chemical Sector Sees Early Concerns With EPA TSCA New Chemicals Plan

Chemical sector officials are raising early concerns on EPA's plan to implement regulatory revisions for addressing new chemicals in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform law in situations where a new substance has already been submitted for review under the old TSCA, though some in industry say the new law provides long-term certainty.
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Small Refiners Sue EPA Seeking To Overturn Rejections Of RFS Waivers

Small refiners are suing EPA over the agency's refusal to grant them their waivers from compliance with the renewable fuel standard (RFS), challenging EPA's conclusion that the companies lacked the "disproportionate economic hardship" necessary to exempt them from the RFS' fuel blending mandates for their refineries.

EPA Eyes Ambitious Schedule Of Major Air Regulations Throughout 2016

EPA is readying a slew of proposed and final major Clean Air Act rules for release during the rest of 2016 that will include an overhaul of the agency' s regional haze emissions program; guidance on implementing its particulate matter (PM) and ozone ambient air standards; new regulations on interstate air pollution; and other regulations.

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