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Industry, GOP Eye Ash Bill To Resolve Enforcement Fears Over EPA Rule

Utility industry officials and Republican lawmakers are criticizing enforcement provisions in EPA's final coal ash disposal rule that they say constrain states' flexibility in implementing the rule and opens the door to citizen suits, and say the incoming GOP-led 114th Congress must approve legislation to block those provisions.
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Industry Sees EPA Shift On RCRA Interpretation Of CO2 As 'Solid Waste'

Industry groups that are seeking to vacate EPA's finding that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a “solid waste” under the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) say the agency should not be entitled to deference on its interpretation under the Supreme Court's Chevron doctrine, charging that EPA reversed its position without considering the issue in a “detailed and reasoned fashion” as Chevron requires.

State Urges EPA To Limit Agricultural Exposures In Novel Dioxin Cleanup

State regulators and community advisors are backing environmentalists' calls for EPA Region 5 to assess and mitigate potential exposures to dioxin through contaminated food as part of a novel cleanup in Michigan, calling for monitoring and land use controls, though industry is arguing the cleanup plan is already overly conservative.

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Agency Advisors Urge EPA To Strengthen Draft Fish Consumption Guide

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