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States Raise Implementation Concerns Over Draft EPA Selenium Criteria

States are calling for clarity on how to implement EPA's draft water quality criteria for selenium that relies partially on fish-tissue concentrations for assessing adverse effects to aquatic life, suggesting that monitoring costs could strain already tight state budgets, even as two states are pursuing studies that could address some of the concerns.

EPA Analysis Of Pesticides' Negligible Benefits Could Boost Calls For Ban

Environmentalists say a new EPA analysis that finds negligible benefits for soybean production from the use of controversial neonicotinoid pesticides could boost calls for prohibition of the substances that advocates blame for harming pollinators, though the agency cautions that the study is only part of an ongoing review of neonicotinoids.

EPA Finds Strontium Only Contaminant Needing New Drinking Water Rule

EPA has made a preliminary determination that drinking water regulation is necessary for the chemical strontium -- only the second time it has issued such a finding since 1996 -- but says no rules are necessary for four other drinking water contaminants, while punting for now on whether regulation is necessary for two other substances.

EPA Receives Conflicting Comments On Plan To Revise Agricultural WPS

Fight Over High Court Review Of EPA Utility MACT Hinges On Cost Claims

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